Harley Brown’s Café




HARLEY BROWNS CAFÉ – home to independent film and theatre

HBC – making a difference and creating opportunity

(Inspired by my friends who struggled and suffered about it. And still are.)


A starting point and a destination.

Establish a brick and mortar venue of opportunity for the artistic and creative community. (Directors, producers, content creators, film makers, actors, writers, musicians, dancers, artists, bakers, florists, craftsman, inventors, etc.)


Venue, event,  production space, gallery, coffee, snacks, sandwiches

Gallery/Cabaret Space


Pay it forward philosophy – Free rent to the artisans that will rotate bi-weekly or monthly. Selected Artist will create and sell their work in the gallery during business hours free of charge. There is a catch.  All we ask is that they pay it forward. Giving a small % of their earnings, from the 2 weeks at HBC, to an artists or project in need. HBC can provide a list of local artists/projects that need assistance. For Open Mic you sign up for a 10 min slot, do your thing, then pass the hat around and keep what you earned.

Some artisans may be asked to stay on for an extended period of time. And for some we will offer to continue selling their art, baked goods, book, sculpture etc. after they leave.  In that event a mutually beneficial agreement will be negotiated.


Production/Gallery Space


Three phase power for Production space


This is what I wish to create.  And what I know how to do best, creating a home for artists. I love theatre and film. I love the soul of an artist. With HBC I can be an autonomous artist feeding myself and my family while creating opportunity for others.


This is bigger than me!
I can make all this happen – I need to survive and pay my team. I am of unshakeable belief in what I’m doing. “Do good work and they will find you,” has always been my way. I believe in me. I believe in my team. I love what I do. I am surrounded with people who love what they do and are willing to do whatever it takes to produce brilliant and profitable works. We are motivated and focused. Creating these things is what I know best. This is my job. Without a doubt – these projects will be a source of income for many! I’m in this for the long hall. I’m not interested in creating just one thing and moving on.


I need a little help funding this dream…


How can you help me make this happen?